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I founded Colorado's 1st Septic & Excavation early in the spring of 2018 after leaving my position as Costilla County Land Use Administrator.   I stepped into that position near the end of 2015 when many residents of this county and other counties in the San Luis Valley were living in various types of structures on otherwise vacant land, without adequate facilities for the sanitary disposal of sewage.   As you can imagine, this was beginning to cause a public health crisis, and putting strain on the county's already thinly stretched resources.  


In 2013, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment adopted Regulation 43, establishing minimum standards for On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) in Colorado.  Having already been aware of the local issues concerning OWTS, or lack thereof, my first priority as Land Use Administrator was to bring Costilla County into full compliance with the Reg. 43.   By working closely with State and Regional Public Health officials, my staff and I were able to learn the new regulation and understand how it should be applied.  I wanted every one in my office to be as knowledgeable as possible in OWTS issues, so we could give the public the best information available as they began to develop recently purchased property or to bring their existing situation into compliance.  One of the keys to this was to attend training and become certified in OWTS Site and Soil Evaluation and OWTS Inspection.

After leaving my position as Land Use Administrator, I knew that there was a need for high quality installers in Costilla County and the San Luis Valley.  By this time I had inspected or overseen the inspection of countless new OWTS in Costilla County.  I had seen the Good, the Bad, and the just plain Ugliest of installations, and I had a clear idea of the most important aspects of OWTS design and installation.  This experience, along with a lifetime of experience in septic installation, excavation, and other building trades enabled me to begin providing a quality service to Costilla County land owners who wished to begin or continue developing their properties. 

Along with my State (CPOW) certificate in Site and Soil Evaluation and my national (NAWT) certificate for Inspection, I earned NAWT certificates in OWTS Design and Installation shortly after founding C1SE.  Early in 2020, I became a licensed installer in Alamosa County by passing the Colorado Part A Installers Exam which is now being required by many counties throughout the state.  Because of this, C1SE is able to provide a standard setting level of quality in OWTS design and installation.

 I have worked hard to become the first and most qualified locally based OWTS provider in Costilla County, because my family has been here since the founding of the oldest settlements in Colorado, and I care about the future of the Community and the Environment. 

My name is Trinidad Martinez , and my family and I are Colorado's 1st Septic & Excavation , the first high quality, locally based OWTS provider with 

The Most Qualifications in the  Oldest County in Colorado.  

We're here to help, and we're here to stay.    

Please call us today for a free consultation. 

(719) 379-6987

Si Hablamos Espa n ol


Trinidad Martinez


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